Professional training, always available

Convenient, professional training

Any professional that comes into contact with protected health information needs to be prepared to handle that information in a safe way.

Now you can be trained, tested and refresh anywhere, anytime so that both you and your patients are protected.

Don't pay unless you're completely satisfied

We're so confident you'll love our program that we charge you nothing to take the training. The only payment we require is at the end to take the test and receive your official certificate of completion. After payment you'll not only be trained to prevent a data breach incident but you'll have protected yourself in case one occurs.

Free CPR training

Compliance to give you peace of mind

Training is one important piece of being HIPAA compliant. ProHIPAA courses fulfill the requirements of the law for foundational level HIPAA training. Your organization can become fully HIPAA compliant with our guided HIPAA consultation

ProCPR is compliant