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In this introductory section of your HIPAA course, you'll learn about all of the course objectives you can expect to achieve by the end, as well as specifics like: what HIPAA is, the history of HIPAA, who is required to comply with HIPAA laws, and important HIPAA terminology that should make your journey through this HIPAA course easier and more enjoyable.

HIPAA Privacy and Rights and Protected Health Information

In this section of your HIPAA course, we'll dig deeper into all things related to HIPAA privacy and rights and introduce you to PHI (protected health information). You'll find lessons on what a covered entity is, HIPAA privacy and security rules, an explanation of PHI in greater detail and using some examples of it, and what the patient's rights are concerning protected health information or PHI.

HIPAA Breaches, Violations & Penalties and how to be Compliant

In this section of your HIPAA course, we'll be teaching you about HIPAA data breaches, HIPAA violations, HIPAA penalties, and how all businesses can create a roadmap to becoming more HIPAA compliant. Specific lessons you'll find in this section are: HIPAA Breaches, Violations and Penalties, Why Cyber Criminals want PHI, HIPAA & Social Media, Mobile Devices, Email and Faxes, How to be Proactive to be HIPAA Compliant, and HIPAA Foundation Conclusion.

HITECH, Risk Assessments, Business Associates and Covered Entities

In this section of your HIPAA course, the concentration now shifts to leaders within organizations that are required to be HIPAA compliant. The introductory lesson in this section will outline what you can expect to learn in the second half of your HIPAA course. Specific lessons that follow in this section include: Proper Transportation of PHI and ePHI, What is a Business Associate?, What is HITECH? (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act), and What is a Risk Assessment?

Policies, Data Breaches, Violations and Requirements

In this section of your HIPAA course, we'll be digging deeper into HIPAA policies, HIPAA data breaches, HIPAA violations, and HIPAA requirements. We'll be introducing you to the concept of the Book of Evidence, including why it's vital to becoming or remaining HIPAA compliant. We'll provide you with more detail on the Business Associate Agreement. And finally, you'll learn more about data breaches and violations, and what the penalties are for organizations that aren't HIPAA compliant.

Officers, Complaints and Audits

In this last section of your HIPAA course, we'll wrap up everything you've learned in the course. However, you will also find important information on whether or not your organization needs a HIPAA privacy or security officer, what you should do if your organization receives a HIPAA complaint, and what a HIPAA audit is and how to handle one.

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  • Learn the fundamentals about HIPAA and PHI.
  • Become familiar with potential HIPAA breaches and violations and safeguard yourself from penalties.
  • Understand how to conduct a risk assessment and collect required business associate agreements.
  • Learn about data breach and violation handling protocol.
  • Dealing with HIPAA complaints and audits.

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