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Welcome to your HIPAA Compliance training! My name is Rob Van Buskirk, and I am excited to be your compliance guide for this HIPAA course. The reason you are here is that you are a trusted medical professional or a business associate that needs to understand the importance of protecting PHI. In this course you will learn why cyber criminals want Protected Health Information, also known as PHI. And you’ll gain an understanding of the HIPAA/HITECH requirement and the current state of HIPAA compliance. This course will showcase, why PHI is so valuable to cybercriminals, current data breaches, current industry fines, the importance of encrypted email and your responsibilities under the law. The course objective is to educate you on the importance of understating the Government Requirement, the current state of HIPAA/ HITECH and the obligations under the law. You will come away with an understanding of how to protect and properly handle PHI and ePHI. Thank you for choosing ProHIPAA!