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As we’ve covered in our previous blog posts, HB300 significantly expands patient privacy protections for Texas covered entities. These state requirements go beyond the federal requirements known as “HIPAA” and “HITECH.”

Under HB300, mandatory customized employee training regarding both state and federal patient privacy and security laws is required.

What Does HB300 Require for Training?

Training must cover federal and state regulatory requirements as well as include the covered entity’s course of business. It must also cover employees’ scope of employment as it relates to PHI use and disclosure.  

Employees of covered entities must complete training at least once every two years and not later than 60 days after their hire date.

A covered entity shall require each employee who attends a training program as described above to sign, electronically or in writing, a statement verifying their attendance at the training program. The business shall maintain the signed or electronic training record.

ProHIPAA’s HB300 Course Curriculum

Our HB300 training course guides you through the Texas requirements and ensures you and your team are both HIPAA and HB300 compliant. View our free training videos:

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